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What are the Benefits of a Transaction Coordinator? Part 1

Let’s face it, real estate transactions can be extremely complicated and take up a lot of an agent’s time. But, dealing with contracts and disclosures comes with the territory when you’re in escrow.

While this is a necessary part of being a real estate agent, savvy agents leverage their time, so they can continue cultivating leads and getting new business.

One way to make time for yourself is to hire a transaction coordinator (TC.)

One important thing to know is that a Transaction Coordinator is not an assistant. Their priority is to keep the transaction in order and manage the documents.

So, what is a transaction coordinator, and what do they do?

First of all --

They Will Save You Time

On average, completing a file can take anywhere from 8-15 hours. Each transaction is different, so that estimate depends on the deal and how many parties are involved.

As we discussed earlier, gathering all the required documents and disclosures is tedious and time-consuming. They will also save you time by updating all parties on the status of the file. Using a transaction coordinator can help you leverage your time and use it on more productive tasks.

As an agent, you will have time to get more leads, meet with new clients, and network. You will be able to get new listings and secure future income. These activities result in more open deals and more commission checks.

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