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$375 at Closing for Buying or Selling   - paid at closing 

$475 at Closing for Dual Agency  - paid at closing 


$100 at Closing for Compliance only  - New Construction and Listings 


Keyboard and Mouse

Process for Buying, Selling, and Dual Agency

⦁    Review and organize the contract and disclosures for completion and compliance.
⦁    Send introduction emails (with the contract docs) to all parties of the transaction.
⦁    Upload/send contract docs to your Broker/Office.
⦁    Keep track of items and dates
⦁    Collect the Earnest Money receipt and distribute to all parties
⦁    Distribute the Amendments or Addendums to all parties
⦁    Request updates from the title and lender on their progress.
⦁    Request/send Instructions to Closing Agent
⦁    Request/send Utility Information and distribute to necessary parties.
⦁    Ordering the home warranty for your buyer (or if requested by the buying agent).
⦁    Schedule final walk-through and closing.
⦁    Send new addendums to all parties (can create simple addendums)
⦁    Coordinating appraisal and inspections, and requesting invoices/reports.
⦁    Keep track of the progress of items requested on the repair addendum and receipts.
⦁    Send a closing email to your client with all info they will need.
⦁    Complete your Broker’s procedure for a Disbursement Authorization Form (DA).
⦁    Send the DA to the closing agent’s office for you to be paid at closing.
⦁    Request the ALTA and review for accuracy.
⦁    Send the ALTA to you and your client for review and approval.

⦁    Request the Final ALTA after closing
⦁    Send/upload ALTA to your office.
⦁    Upload all contract docs to your storage site (dropbox, command, transaction desk, etc).

Process for Compliance ONLY

Executed (New Construction) Contract

⦁    Collect, review and organize contracts, amendments, and disclosures for completion and compliance.
⦁    Submit to your office for approval and request DA.

As a Realtor, your time is best spent generating leads and working with buyers and sellers, NOT doing paperwork and chasing down documents.

Let us do what we do best so you can do what you love!


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