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Meet our team

Priscilla Stropnik - Owner and Transaction Manger 


 Glenda Bejemino -  Transaction Coordinator 

Glenda is a valued member of our team.  She wears many hats, from transaction coordinator to IT specialist to graphic design and marketing.   

She lives and works from the Philippines and is instrumental in the growth of our business.  She has been a transaction coordinator for many years and her role within our company continues to expand.  She not only has her own clients, she also covers when someone needs help or a vacation, she handles many day-to-day tasks within the business to keep us on track and growing!  

When she is not busy working, she is raising 3 beautiful children. She loves to bake and cook and has recently bought a house!  She is truly a blessing to anyone that comes in contact with her.    

With more than a decade of extensive real estate experience across both Florida and Georgia, Priscilla has showcased her expertise in various roles, from Realtor to Office Manager, and currently as the proud owner of a rapidly flourishing TC (Transaction Coordinator) business. Her journey through the world of real estate has instilled in her a profound understanding of the field.

Priscilla leads a dedicated team of professionals who are well-versed in the intricate processes involved in successfully closing deals. Their commitment extends beyond mere paperwork management; they prioritize delivering top-notch customer service to real estate agents, their clients, and valued vendors.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Priscilla's passion for the industry is rivaled only by her love for serene moments on Florida's picturesque beaches, often enjoyed alongside her husband and two beloved Chinese crested furbabies, Zoey (featured in the picture) and Jasper. Her quest for personal growth is evident through her avid reading habit, delving into diverse subjects to expand her knowledge. Priscilla also actively participates in seminars and workshops, fostering valuable connections within the local community as she continuously enhances her skills and expertise.

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