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What Makes a Transaction Coordinator GREAT? Part 7of 7

7. Passionate Commitment

While financial need is certainly a key reason and motivator behind most people’s chosen position, there’s a lot to be said about someone who actually enjoys what they do. For the average person, the duties of a transaction coordinator can seem both complex and monotonous, requiring a thorough process and a great deal of paperwork.

However, to the right transaction coordinator, the job will be nothing short of pleasurable. That’s because a good TC will have traits that compel them to organize, pay attention, and manage things in a way that makes them effective at their jobs by default. Someone who lacks these traits won’t enjoy their work, and they probably won’t perform every well at their duties, either.

For all of these reasons, it’s always a smart move to hire the candidate who expresses the most commitment and passion for the position. Even if they take a bit more training to get up-to-speed, they’ll be more dependable in the long-run, and more enjoyable to work with, too.

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