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What is your reason for hiring a Transaction coordinator?

There are many reasons why as a real estate agent you could benefit from a real estate coordinator. Maybe you are an agent building a team and need the extra help, or maybe you have reached a point in your business that having a TC will give you the leverage to grow your business.

Those are the most obvious answers but let me tell you about an agent who simply wanted more time with her family. She wanted to be able to attend school events, participate in her daughter's after-school activities and take family vacations with her young children and not spend every second on her phone. She wasn't a top producer, she was a mom who loved the real estate business but also didn't want to miss a single important event in her children's lives. She hired a TC to help so she could regain TIME back for her family. The added benefit was not only was she able to free time up for her personal life, but her business also grew! She didn't have to sacrifice time with her family to become a top producer in her office. A definite win/win for her!

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